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Have you ever struggled with painting eyebrows? Not known where to place them or how to achieve a realistic looking eyebrow? 
Well, this tutorial is for you!
. These 24 page, A4 size tutorial book has been written for the beginner in mind but I am sure those that are more advanced and struggle with eyebrows will find this helpful as well. 
. There are step by step illustrations which will help those non English speaking as well. 

.This booklet has step by step instructions from mixing the paint to the correct consistency, how to use the brush correctly, mapping and correct placement of eyebrows to achieve a 3D look to them without making them too thick. 
. They also have the added bonus of QR codes which lead to short instructional videos on how to mix the paint to get the correct consistency, how to load and use the brush correctly to get the finest of strokes possible.

 "Basic kit" which will include:
.  The 24 page tutorial book 
.  The water brush, personally hand trimmed  by myself
. q tips and wedges
.  1ml syringe for accurate measuring so there is no guess work for you!